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Same Day Glasses


Same Day Prescription Glasses


Same Day Glasses

Even For High Prescriptions

Same day glasses made on the same business day – only in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Any prescription type and strength. Hundreds of styles. Premium lenses and coatings. Emergency? We’re here when you need new glasses fast.

Whether you need new glasses after a medical procedure, get through midterms, or read to your grandkids at bedtime tonight, we understand it’s an emergency. That’s why we offer same-day service on any prescription strength and type.

Call ahead to make sure your order will be eligible for our fastest available service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. When your friends ask, “how do I get same-day glasses near me?” We know you’ll answer with confidence – “IQ Optical.”

You won’t find replacement glasses with our level of quality this fast, anywhere else.

Same Day Glasses

Wear your new glasses today. Large selection of lenses and premium coatings.

Same Day Eye Exams

Book your eye exam same day. Our doctors available Tuesday-Saturday.

High Performance Lenses

Lenses are tailored for maximizing performance at any task.

Over 300 yrs. of
Combined Experience

Our experienced team assembled from all aspects of the optical industry.

Get Your Eye Exam Today!

If it’s been a while since your last exam, your prescription may have changed. Don’t pay for glasses you’ll need to replace soon. Instead, schedule our same day eye exam service, and get your new prescription glasses fast.

Did you lose your prescription but need same-day prescription glasses?

No problem. We have eye doctors available on premises to provide an exam and measure your prescription. Shop frames if you need glasses and lenses. Then place your order. We’ll make sure you get your glasses in less than a business day so that you can move on with your life.

We never sacrifice quality for speed, so all our lens packages come with premium coatings, including an anti-static, anti-scratch, and anti-glare finish with UV protection. Of course, having new glasses in less than 24-hours is important, but only if you’re getting the best quality lenses with your order.

Getting same-day eyeglasses helps ensure your bad day doesn’t carry over to the next. We offer the fastest glasses production in the area. Simply schedule your eye exam. Choose from hundreds of frame styles. Then

Customers Are Saying “Excellent!”

Great service from Margie and Linda. professional and most importantly, I got my prescription sunglasses the same day when no one else could have done it!
Gidon S.
Gidon S.
15:49 25 May 22
I made an appointment online with this office which was convenient and easy. They immediately confirmed my appointment. The day of my appointment there was no waiting. The gals in there are very friendly and professional. I was taken to the back for an eye exam which involved sliding down and switching to three machines. Very high tech and easy. For the final eye exam, I was taken back to read eye charts with the Doctor present coming in via Zoom. She told me my exam results and showed me slides of the inside of my eye. I has never been examined in such a high tech and efficient way.Afterwards, I was assisted in picking out frames. Once my frames were ready, Margie texted me I could come pick them up. I was amazed that they were done in three days!!! I was so impressed with their time frame that I ordered a second pair. Thank you IQ Optical!!
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips
00:08 11 May 22
Loved loved loved! Very easy to schedule. I needed glasses asap and IQ optical had great options! Linda was nothing short of amazing, very helpful and resourceful. I ended up leaving with 3 glasses for a great price THAT day. 10/10 recommend
Marleine Escalante
Marleine Escalante
06:48 15 Apr 22
Linda and Margie are great. Easy exam. Super quick turnaround. They even sent one pair of glasses back for extra quality check.
David Freedman
David Freedman
17:13 27 Mar 22
Inexpensive and easy process from start to finish. I got two pairs of glasses done: one clear with thin lenses and one pair of sunglasses with standard lenses. Turnaround time was just a few days, and the prescription lenses came out perfect. Making an appointment via an online form (calendly style) was so easy and the staff was helpful and friendly.
Steven Grobman
Steven Grobman
00:18 16 Mar 22
They were wonderful from start to finish!!!! I broke my glasses and needed a new pair as soon as possible. The two nice girls in the beautiful shop helped me find just the right pair. For a small fee you can have them made in one day. Thank YOU so much for helping me. I will refer you to anyone that wears glasses.
18:50 03 Feb 22
I was in need of an eye exam and glasses while I was away from home for work. I was fortunate to have found IQ Optical by way of a google search. Making...
Debi P.
Debi P.
06:03 24 Dec 21
Amazing eye exam Brand new equipmentPersonalized serviceTesla approach to an optometry
Yefim S.
Yefim S.
10:32 08 Dec 21
I was driving by, and saw a new optical store opening up. I'm just so happy that I decided to give them a try. Made an appointment online for the same day...
Elana Z.
Elana Z.
16:34 24 Nov 21

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until prescription glasses are ready?2021-12-12T20:46:32-08:00

Your glasses should be ready the same business day.

Some prescription glasses may take longer than others. For example, multifocal and progressives will take a few hours. Other prescriptions might be ready before your lunch break is over. Placing the order as soon as possible is crucial. Call ahead if you have questions about your prescription and our same-day glasses service. Or, if you need an eye exam, call ahead to schedule your exam and still get your glasses the same day.

Do I need an eye exam?2021-12-13T19:15:27-08:00

Your vision needs can change over time. If it’s been a year since your last exam, or you are experiencing any difficulty with your vision, headaches, or double vision, schedule an eye exam. You’ll still be able to get your glasses on the same day.

If you don’t have a current prescription and don’t already have an account with IQOptical, you will need to get an exam before you place an order for same-day glasses. But don’t worry, we can do an exam and still provide the fastest glasses service possible.

How quickly can I get a pair of prescription glasses?2021-12-13T19:15:42-08:00

When you order same day glasses service, you get your new glasses the same business day. Usually, we make your glasses in just a few hours but some multifocal prescription may take an additional day if placed after our 11am cut-off time.

We understand how important your vision is to everyday life, work, family time, and more. Let us know you came to us because you needed “same-day prescription glasses near me”, and we’ll make sure your order is treated as an emergency.

Is there an additional charge for same-day glasses?2021-12-13T19:15:54-08:00

To make sure we fast-track your glasses, we charge a nominal 75 dollar fee.

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