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Prescription Sunglasses

Find prescription sunglasses made near you that not only meet your vision needs, but also enhance vision performance. We are here to help you with the perfect RX Sunglasses for your activities in life, including work and play.

Prescription Sunglasses

Find prescription sunglasses made near you that not only meet your vision needs, but also enhance vision performance. We are here to help you with the perfect RX Sunglasses for your activities in life, including work and play.

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses for Intense Glare

Our Polarized Prescription sunglasses block even the most intense glare. This combination of unique technologies is available now for prescription lenses. See as sharp as possible when skiing, fishing, relaxing on the beach and spending time outdoors.


Transitions Lenses for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The one pair that does it all. Transitions™ is the bestselling brand of light intelligent lenses in world. The lenses automatically adapts to changing light conditions, darken and gets clear accordingly. These lenses are clear indoors and darken outdoors when exposed to UV light.


Transitions’ GEN 8™ offers optimum vision, comfort, and protection all day long; these lenses are the first light intelligent photochromic lens to offer a revolutionary Nano-Composite technology. GEN8™ is the newest generation of Transitions™ with the fastest light adaptation.

XTRActive New Generation

Get optimum darkness for brighter light conditions even behind the wheel. Transitions XtrActive™ are the darkest light-responsive lenses in the world. Whether you frequently spend time outdoors exposed to bright light or having light sensitivity, Xtra Active lenses are an excellent option for you.


Block intense glare, sharpen vision and improve contrast when driving your vehicle while wearing Transitions DriveWear™ that are optimized for driving. Polarized yellow lenses increase your contrast and help you see better while driving in variable weather conditions. These lenses respond to light conditions and will darken when encountering higher intensity UV light.

XtraActive Polarized

Xtra Dark Polarized light-responsive lenses are a great solution for those who require the next level of glare protection while sustaining the comfort of light intelligent lenses. These lenses will turn polarized gray and back to clear depending on light conditions and provide all-day comfort in one pair of glasses.

Professionally Tinted Lenses

Pick any color for your new lenses. While Transitions™ and Polarized lenses have higher performance, They are limited in color selections. Fashion in mind,  our professionally tinted lenses are available in any color and color combination you may imagine while still protecting you from UV and bright light. From Lavender flowers to Caribbean sunsets, match any color without limits.

Mirror Coated Lenses

Mirror coatings are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. These lenses act by reflecting light from above and light reflecting from the ground while allowing more light to pass through the center.
Add mirror coating to your polarized lenses in any color, including: Silver, Blue, Gold, or any custom color like pink, green, or purple.

Anti-Reflection Coating

Anti-reflective coatings not only make your eyeglasses more attractive but also help with reducing straining on your eyes and improving your vision. Virtually eliminating reflections from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses allows for more light, optimizing visual acuity with fewer distractions, especially at night. Best of all, these lenses look nearly invisible, enhancing your appearance by drawing more attention to your eyes and helping you make better eye contact with others.




  • Enhanced Performance

Progressive, Bifocal and Multifocal Sunglasses /Sunglasses for Presbyopia

Our prescription sunglasses for presbyopia combine the necessity of correcting for both near and far and our high performance sun lenses. Whether you need your progressive lenses for Sport, Driving, or spending time with family at the poolside, we got you covered with, best lenses for you what you need them most.

Customers Are Saying “Excellent!”

Great service from Margie and Linda. professional and most importantly, I got my prescription sunglasses the same day when no one else could have done it!
Gidon S.
Gidon S.
15:49 25 May 22
I made an appointment online with this office which was convenient and easy. They immediately confirmed my appointment. The day of my appointment there was no waiting. The gals in there are very friendly and professional. I was taken to the back for an eye exam which involved sliding down and switching to three machines. Very high tech and easy. For the final eye exam, I was taken back to read eye charts with the Doctor present coming in via Zoom. She told me my exam results and showed me slides of the inside of my eye. I has never been examined in such a high tech and efficient way.Afterwards, I was assisted in picking out frames. Once my frames were ready, Margie texted me I could come pick them up. I was amazed that they were done in three days!!! I was so impressed with their time frame that I ordered a second pair. Thank you IQ Optical!!
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips
00:08 11 May 22
Loved loved loved! Very easy to schedule. I needed glasses asap and IQ optical had great options! Linda was nothing short of amazing, very helpful and resourceful. I ended up leaving with 3 glasses for a great price THAT day. 10/10 recommend
Marleine Escalante
Marleine Escalante
06:48 15 Apr 22
Linda and Margie are great. Easy exam. Super quick turnaround. They even sent one pair of glasses back for extra quality check.
David Freedman
David Freedman
17:13 27 Mar 22
Inexpensive and easy process from start to finish. I got two pairs of glasses done: one clear with thin lenses and one pair of sunglasses with standard lenses. Turnaround time was just a few days, and the prescription lenses came out perfect. Making an appointment via an online form (calendly style) was so easy and the staff was helpful and friendly.
Steven Grobman
Steven Grobman
00:18 16 Mar 22
They were wonderful from start to finish!!!! I broke my glasses and needed a new pair as soon as possible. The two nice girls in the beautiful shop helped me find just the right pair. For a small fee you can have them made in one day. Thank YOU so much for helping me. I will refer you to anyone that wears glasses.
18:50 03 Feb 22
I was in need of an eye exam and glasses while I was away from home for work. I was fortunate to have found IQ Optical by way of a google search. Making...
Debi P.
Debi P.
06:03 24 Dec 21
Amazing eye exam Brand new equipmentPersonalized serviceTesla approach to an optometry
Yefim S.
Yefim S.
10:32 08 Dec 21
I was driving by, and saw a new optical store opening up. I'm just so happy that I decided to give them a try. Made an appointment online for the same day...
Elana Z.
Elana Z.
16:34 24 Nov 21

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a prescription in any sunglasses?2022-02-20T18:52:17-08:00

Any of our in-store brands can accommodate prescription sun lenses. Need lenses in your frame? Please bring it to our store and we will inspect if it can hold prescription lenses.

Are prescription sunglasses worth it?2022-02-20T18:52:50-08:00

Yes. Maintaining clear vision while performing activities during the day has many additional benefits. Improve your driving, sport, and fun time while increasing your safety and enjoyment.

Can you replace my sunglasses lenses with prescription sunless?2022-02-20T18:53:10-08:00

Absolutely. This is one of our most popular services and our prescription sun lenses will outperform any original, none prescription sunglasses. Replace, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Nike, and any prescription-able designer lenses with our high-performance prescription sunglasses lenses.

How long does it take to make prescription sunglasses?2022-02-20T18:53:28-08:00

We can make your new prescription sunglasses on the same day. Note that some prescriptions and frame combinations may take a day or two longer.

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