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Eyeglass Lens Replacement

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Lens Replacement
Near You

New Lenses for Your Frames

Save money and replace only your lenses with new ones while keeping your favorite eyeglass frame. Prescription lenses get scratched and outdated but in many situations your frame is in good condition and there is no reason to purchase a new one.

Why Replace Your Lenses?

Being able to see clearly increases quality of life and improves your performance at work. Your prescription changes and your lenses get scratched which will make your old pair of glasses obsolete. But what about the frame? Most known eyewear brands make quality frames that can last for several years if maintained properly. Frames as such, can sustain a new installation of lenses without any issues.
Bring your old frame to us and we will install new lenses inside it. It’s as simple as that, and the best thing, we can do this as fast as same day!

How it Works?


Bring your current frames to our store. Located in Encino, Los Angeles.


Our optical team will review your frame and make sure it can sustain the workmanship required.


Pickup your favorite frames with a new set of the best lenses on the market.

Need to Renew Your Prescription?

The best new lenses in your frame starts with an up-to-date prescription. If it has been over a year since your last eye exam, we highly recommend taking a new one.

Customers Are Saying “Excellent!”

Great service from Margie and Linda. professional and most importantly, I got my prescription sunglasses the same day when no one else could have done it!
Gidon S.
Gidon S.
15:49 25 May 22
I made an appointment online with this office which was convenient and easy. They immediately confirmed my appointment. The day of my appointment there was no waiting. The gals in there are very friendly and professional. I was taken to the back for an eye exam which involved sliding down and switching to three machines. Very high tech and easy. For the final eye exam, I was taken back to read eye charts with the Doctor present coming in via Zoom. She told me my exam results and showed me slides of the inside of my eye. I has never been examined in such a high tech and efficient way.Afterwards, I was assisted in picking out frames. Once my frames were ready, Margie texted me I could come pick them up. I was amazed that they were done in three days!!! I was so impressed with their time frame that I ordered a second pair. Thank you IQ Optical!!
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips
00:08 11 May 22
Loved loved loved! Very easy to schedule. I needed glasses asap and IQ optical had great options! Linda was nothing short of amazing, very helpful and resourceful. I ended up leaving with 3 glasses for a great price THAT day. 10/10 recommend
Marleine Escalante
Marleine Escalante
06:48 15 Apr 22
Linda and Margie are great. Easy exam. Super quick turnaround. They even sent one pair of glasses back for extra quality check.
David Freedman
David Freedman
17:13 27 Mar 22
Inexpensive and easy process from start to finish. I got two pairs of glasses done: one clear with thin lenses and one pair of sunglasses with standard lenses. Turnaround time was just a few days, and the prescription lenses came out perfect. Making an appointment via an online form (calendly style) was so easy and the staff was helpful and friendly.
Steven Grobman
Steven Grobman
00:18 16 Mar 22
They were wonderful from start to finish!!!! I broke my glasses and needed a new pair as soon as possible. The two nice girls in the beautiful shop helped me find just the right pair. For a small fee you can have them made in one day. Thank YOU so much for helping me. I will refer you to anyone that wears glasses.
18:50 03 Feb 22
I was in need of an eye exam and glasses while I was away from home for work. I was fortunate to have found IQ Optical by way of a google search. Making...
Debi P.
Debi P.
06:03 24 Dec 21
Amazing eye exam Brand new equipmentPersonalized serviceTesla approach to an optometry
Yefim S.
Yefim S.
10:32 08 Dec 21
I was driving by, and saw a new optical store opening up. I'm just so happy that I decided to give them a try. Made an appointment online for the same day...
Elana Z.
Elana Z.
16:34 24 Nov 21

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get new lenses in my frame?2022-02-20T18:55:15-08:00

We can craft your new lenses as fast as same day. Some prescription lenses and frame combinations may take longer than others such as rimless frames and multifocal lenses that can take up to few days.

Which lenses will I get?2022-02-20T18:55:33-08:00

Your new lenses include premium anti-glare, easy-clean coating, smudge and dust repellant coating, UV and scratch protection. We carry over 500,000 pairs of different lenses in our lab facility and can manufacture your new lenses as fast as same day.

Which frames can you work on?2022-02-20T18:55:49-08:00

We work with all frame brands and materials. Cartier, Pro Design, Dita, Ray-Ban, Prada, Nike, and many more. Full-rim, Half-Rim and rimless frames are welcome with any shape and size. If your frame can hold prescription lenses then we can do it!

What is the cost of new lenses in my old frames?2022-02-20T18:56:07-08:00

There are no additional costs for using your own frames. You will get charged only for new lenses. Prescription lenses start at $70.

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