Glasses for

Your Lifestyle

Find Prescription glasses near you that are tailored to your vision needs while enhancing your lifestyle. At IQ Optical, we understand that not one size fits all for proper eyewear. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect glasses for your priorities, jobs, and activities in life.

Glasses for Your Lifestyle

Find Prescription glasses near you that are tailored to your vision needs while enhancing your lifestyle. At IQ Optical, we understand that not one size fits all for proper eyewear. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect glasses for your priorities, jobs, and activities in life.

Glasses for Sport

The best prescription eyeglasses near you are now customizable for maximizing performance in sport. Some of our best active living eyewear features include lenses that are ultra-clear, impact-resistant, Trivex, and polarized for ultimate glare protection.

Now, you can better experience all of your favorite activities, including fishing, golf, basketball, ski and other snow activities.

Computer Glasses

Optimize vision at your near environment while practically eliminating digital eye strain symptoms. Specific features include harmful blue light blocking of up to 99.9% and maximum glare protection.

Our computer and office lenses are specifically optimized to make your work day more productive, keeping your eyes fresh longer while reducing neck and back pain.

We also offer glasses and lenses explicitly designed for gaming. Game longer, Improve reaction time and block blue light with the best gaming glasses.

Glasses for Video Calls

Keep your eyes fresh and your mind sharp while video meeting on zoom with the glasses and lenses from IQ Optical. Our video conferencing lenses are tailored to block bad blue light but enhance good light transmittance. High-performance, anti-glare, and reflection, comfortable and light frames for long meeting hours.

Progressive Glasses

Say goodbye to pesky and age-defining lined bifocals and trifocals with progressive lenses, that will get you to see clearly at all distances. Go from working in the office to driving home without switching frames.

IQ Optical carries SEIKO Surmount lenses, voted the best all day use progressive lenses on the market. These lenses are optimized for performance at any daily activity.


At IQ Optical we use Aspheric lens design technology that enables us to make your lenses extra thin even if you have a higher than usual prescription.  Glasses for high prescription with high-Index lenses such as 1.67 and 1.74 are available and we can make these as fast as few hours.

Custom Reading

The best reading glasses are tailored for your exact prescription. Read for hours at any environment and light condition with your optimized prescription reading glasses.

Glasses for Detailed

Occupational lenses are an excellent option for anyone that requires close-up tasks as a regular part of their lifestyle. Order glasses that will magnify just right and at the right distance so you can excel at your detailed work.

Glasses for Mobile Phones

Check out IQ Optical today for glasses optimized for long hours on your mobile device. SV and Mobile Progressive designs meant to correct vision and keep your eyes fresh while using your mobile device. Blue light protection and premium anti-glare included.

Glasses for One Eye

Need glasses for one eye or replace just one lens in your frame? Some medical procedures will require vision correction in just one eye for you to function during your day. Rest assured that IQ Optical has your back with our same day turn-time and will give you the lens you need when you need it most.

Glasses for Driving

Maximize your area of perfect vision while driving your vehicle. Our IOT lens designs for single vision and progressive glasses are optimized for the clearest distance, dashboard and mirror views. See great at night and during the day with IOT’s Endless™ Drive Technology.

Glasses for Headache

Our FL-41 therapeutic lenses are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. FL-41 lenses wavelengths known for triggering headaches and migraines. A recent study shows that 88% of individuals who use FL-41 glasses reduced their light impact symptoms and 87% reported a reduction in headaches.

Glasses for Wide
Head and Wide Fit

GRANDE Live big, look great! IQ Optical offers wide-fit premium frames, including frames for big heads.

Glasses for TV

Like computer work, glasses for watching TV have more high definition lenses with a wide viewing angle. Let us show you your options at IQ Optical.

Schedule an Eye Exam Now!

If it’s been a while since your last exam, your prescription may have changed. Don’t pay for glasses you’ll need to replace soon. Instead, schedule an exam today, and get your new prescription glasses fast.

What Customers Say

“I was do for an eye exam and also needed a new frame. I was driving on Ventura and saw new eye store opening up. I made an appointment online for same day that afternoon. This place has the most sophisticated and top notch technology equipment that I have ever seen. I went through multiple tests and photos taking and than I, was video conferenced with the doctor to discuss findings and hear out her suggestions. By the time we were done, my prescription was ready and I was on my way to browse their selection of glasses. Overall, took less than 45 minutes. The office is immaculate and spacious with wide variety of brand eye glasses, great prices, too. I found myself new pair with help of knowledgeable staff and next day got a call that my prescroption glasses were ready. Wow, what a turn around! Great, efficient exam, super clean office, fantastic service and great staff. Recommend to anyone to do their exam and get their prescriptions filled here, service is so fast, 5 stars.”

Elana Zlatkin

Amazing optical shop. I was very pleased how beautiful and having a large selection of frames. Super fast pickup for glasses too–it only took a couple days for my progressives with transition lenses. The entire staff was so friendly and provided all the needed information. They take COVID precautions very seriously. The timeframe to schedule my appointment was great. I like the way that staff worked with me to select several pairs of glasses. The glasses really reflect my personality. The feedback provided by staff was excellent and the follow up was top quality and exceptional. They use Tele-Optometry Eye Exam digital communication, online connectivity, and remotely-controlled equipment that further enhanced my experience with the optometrist who was knowledgeable & efficient. Highly recommend this place for your next eye exam and/or new glasses!

Adam Zilberman

Excellent customer service, glasses were made quickly over the weekend and just perfect. Everything was measured and adjusted, very professional team. Super clean. Easy parking. You feel like a VIP, highly recommend. I am so glad I finally found an optical! Sure to return next time!

Irina Ganelis

I’m impressed. was looking for a store who can make my glasses prescription same day. This is the only place that could do it. Went in, came back after few hours and got my glasses. Very impressive quality Transitions lenses and coatings in such a short time. The team and the optometrist were great. Highly recommend this place.

Alisa Sukiasyan

I love this place!!! They have new equipment for eye exams and everything is so clean and shiny! Hit my exam and glasses the same day. Keep up the good work!

Mario L.

Amazing eye exam
Brand new equipment
Personalized service
Tesla approach to an optometry

Yefim S

This is my new go-to for eyeglasses. Friendly staff and kept me informed the entire time. Ordered Tuesday evening, got them the next day.

Akop Grigoryan

I was in need of an eye exam and glasses while I was away from home for work. I was fortunate to have found IQ Optical by way of a google search.

Making an appointment online was a breeze. I was given several options to fit my schedule.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was given the preliminary eye tests, including a full retina scan. The vision test was performed remotely, which I have never experienced before. I was able to review my eye tests with the physician via zoom.

I chose my frames,  and the glasses were ready for me within a few days.

Everything went perfectly, and i could not be more pleased. I highly recommend IQ Optical.

Debi P.