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We’re more than vision experts. We are compassionate professionals who understand just how vital your prescription glasses are to your ability to get through your day.  

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We have professionals on premises from every spectrum of the optical industry such as opticians, optometrists*, technicians, manufacturing experts, dedicated customer service representatives, the latest optical equipment, and more – all here to serve those who need the perfect pair of frames, high-quality lenses, and a speedy timeline.  

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Taken together, we offer over 300 years of experience, and it shows. Collectively, we’ve filled millions of prescriptions and enabled countless customers to get the best frames and lens coatings for their lifestyle and personal aesthetic. Just like getting a perfectly tailored suit or dress, we craft custom glasses just for you. 

And now, you can get glasses faster than ever. We’re available Tuesday through Saturday. Get a vision exam provided by Independent Doctors Of Optometry and update your prescription. Choose your frames and we will fit you with your lens packages. Come back in a few hours and pick up your perfect pair of glasses. It’s that easy. 

At IQ Optical, we are only as successful as the clarity and quality of our customer’s glasses. 

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